3rd issue of Route In!

It is time to create some context around what you are receiving in your inbox.

First things first, This is Route In, a newsletter about walking and analog photography, created by myself, Andrea Brena. This is a newsletter that isn’t too suited for readers, so let’s keep this short.

All this images are taken with old analog cameras while taking long daily walks in the Bavarian countryside. Route In grows out of the desire to explore and reconnect with my surroundings, myself, and you.

I’d love to know if and how you like this format, so don’t hesitate, reach out! I hope this can be a short moment of dis- and re-connection in your day.

Why your inbox and not your feed? Because your sign up is intentional and this means a lot to me, because appearing in your inbox is direct and personal, because you can decide if and when is the best time for you to open this, because you can unsubscribe at any time, because a square world is simply not meaningful enough.